Friday, 9 August 2013


Far, far away I got lost in time,
Little did I know; of this journey
In as much as I wish to get home
Hitherto, the more impossible it seems

My destination is not difficult to preempt
Could you fault me when I’m only human?
All I only dreamt of is to quench this craving
Now here I stand, in the middle of nowhere

May be I know, May be I Know not
Now I’m privileged to know better
But Hey, no test, no testimonies
All I can say is, I wish I never took this trip.

Debatable is the perspective from various schools of thought that addiction is solely associated with deviant persons arising out of a deliberate act. I bet a differ, because this occurrence  is natural in trait meaning  any living thing is capable of exhibiting a peculiar kind of addiction or other; regardless of age, gender, status, color, race, species, literacy, creed , and so on… This nightmare doesn’t prevail merely as a result of doing bad but also as in good.

Ø   Many questions but few candid answers in circulation out there; thus this article seeks to bridge the prevailing difference via demystifying and dissemination of shared knowledge and experiences on this site. “For the lack of knowledge people perish, he who doesn’t know will now know”.

Ø  Have you ever been an addict? …

A very significant question to ask one’s self
I presume you did say “NO”; by which means you’re most likely to be wrong

It’s a rational behavioral trait of adapting to the over reliance on temporal satisfaction derived from exercising or usage of a peculiar instinct, activity, habit, belief or item; over a consistent period of time. This exists advertently or inadvertently and mostly substantially consequential; out of want or need. Definition and emphasis mine.

Now let’s take a cyclical analysis of how this behavioral trait originates and permeates.

Phenomenally, there are (7) stages the first of which is highlighted below;

1.       NEEDS  VS  WANTS:

The foremost essential catalyst to this process and outcome has got to do with our want and need. Want and need always appear to impact the benefactor either temporarily or infinitely.

Have you ever pondered over the thought of your want and need not been the same?  All other things being equal, I guess basic economics will settle with my view that at a defined point in time what a man want may not exactly be what he need and vice versa. No wonder Abraham Maslow’s theory is focused on needs and not wants. Needless to say, one man’s want may be another’s need and vice versa. Therefore, this assessment of need and want can only be done based on some specific factors which will be taken care of in my next article.

If the above is true, then it’s more eminent to segregate this two in order to forestall the prevalence of unfavorable outcomes arising out of wrong choices we make in life.

It’s therefore obvious why many prayers go unanswered or at best at latter. Because if it is written in

Then, surely something must account for the unanswered prayers. Well your guess is as good as mine. Worthy to note is that, many a time the devil has parochial interest in our want, no wonder he is the prince of this world. Sometimes the good Lord watches as we make this wrong choices just to punish humanity for leaning on our own understanding, that notwithstanding shows mercy at last.

In retrospect to the above mentioned, I will like to enumerate some few scenarios below;

        I.            Biblically, Adam and Eve chose the want of satisfying their curiosity over surviving on the need of knowing NO evil. The outcome obviously was very disastrous.
      II.            Samson decided to meet his sexual desire over the need of keeping secret his weakness. What happened? He fell terribly in the hands of the Philistines.
    III.            Judas decided to quench his greediness for money over the need of been a brother’s keeper. What happened? He became the bearer of great betrayal and a recipient of money he couldn’t even spend.
    IV.            In 2 Samuel 24:1-24, David decided to enumerate the army of Israel against the need of relying on the unwavering force of God behind the army. What happened? He incurred the wrath of God on a whole nation.

      V.            In today’s century, a young graduate desires to meet the want of buying fancy cars when even he hasn’t met his possible first need of shelter. What happens? He walks in the fast lane of robbery, drugs, fraud, blood money…
    VI.            How about a young enterprising family man so much in love with the quest for money. What happens? He forgets about his family, health, parenting, spiritual commitment etc… things go bad before he realizes.
  VII.            A preacher man follows his want of been seen so committed and responsible towards his flock. What happens? He neglects his wife to the exposure of other men, lack of parenting so children go wayward, broken home etc.
VIII.            A man constantly wants to take bottles of alcoholic drink. What happens? He becomes a drunkard, acquires bad breathe & health and messes up his family.
    IX.            Is good to eat but too much of everything is bad. A man eats too much of a particular food and becomes a freaky eater who bloats and becomes health hazardous... (CHECK FREAKY EATERS TV DOCUMENTARY).
      X.            A young lady meets her want of dressing secularly instead of the need of taking good care of her appearances. What happens? She attracts unqualified suitors leading to series of sexual abuse, rape, heart break, teenage pregnancy, abortion, maternal death etc…

Joseph responded to the need of respecting and serving his master faithfully by not satisfying the queen’s sexual want. What happened? He went through a very painful ordeal but at last made a ruler of a foreign land, something I’m sure he neither desired wanting nor needing.

One fact remains; sometimes God in his own wisdom and mercy overlooks our wrong choices and still make us prosperous. Funny enough to note is that this is very rare. Typical example is what Josephs’ brothers did yet became immense beneficiaries of their wrong choice.

A man spent 7 months showing affection towards a woman he wants but never received the reciprocal, he meets another in just 7days he receives great attention he has dreamt of all this while.  The want was never met the whole 7 months because maybe it wasn’t a need for him then, now there is answered prayer because God knows he needs the affection now. What a mighty God we serve, he who answers to our needs and not to our wants; in his own chosen time.

BACK FOR GOOD, watch out for;


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“Unless a man learns to segregate his needs from wants, he will never prioritize right nor prosperitize”


  1. Thanks for sharing this important information. Everyone has addictions, some more/less healthy than others.

    Take care.

  2. Thanks for coming by, Ebendy.
    Along these lines, it is important to remember that God will supply all our need through Christ Jesus, and that he knows our need better than we do...

  3. Very informative blog post. Addiction, of any kind, wants one dead. And that's been the case throughout history. Lots of fighting and work remains to be done.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

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