Monday, 27 June 2011


                                             Happiness O! Happiness!

                                             The moment I’ve so longed for

                                              With you I lost the old me
                                              But to something refreshing you gave in

                                              Your praises will always remain on my lips
                                              Happiness you’re the perfect friend.

                                               Whenever misery steers me in the face
                                               And life seems so lonely and long a journey to go,

                                               You give me the reason to smile
                                               And the strength to forge ahead

                                               The only prize I’m willing to pay a price for
                                               Happiness you’re priceless.

                                               In the comfort zone of your arms
                                               I will forever lay “n” stay

                                               For you make me feel very alive and extraordinary
                                               Much better than I can ever imagine

                                               What else could I have wished for than this?
                                               Happiness you’re the best.

                                               In your dearest presence some say am crazy
                                               That notwithstanding, I shun you not; stick “n” stay

                                               For if putting smiles on my face, easing my pains
                                               And show casing my joy to the world is so called “madness”

                                               Then there is no fairness “n” justice in the world
                                               Happiness you’re amazing.

"Possessing the whole world’s wealth without happiness is simply incompleteness"