Tuesday, 12 April 2011



Free your mind!!
Cease the moment now my dear good friend, free your mind!
I beseech thee, be not a slave of your past instead captain of a better day
For everyone needs somebody and sometime away from the world,
A time of solace to refresh the mind and embrace new memories
Why not you, you deserve better, free your mind!

Why always stay aggrieved and frown without a smile?
As if the whole world is crashing down on you.
Subsequently making you mentally unhealthy and lost;
As well pushing away all good things coming your way
Life is too short to be living in a world of illusions and trauma,
Free your mind!

Just in case you don’t know someone cares for your troubles
Blame it not all on you instead voice out those problems
Then you will know he cares, for that’s the true beauty of nature
No wonder “a problem shared is half solved”,
So go on free your mind and you did see it works like magic.

Take a look at you now in the middle of nowhere and you think is cool?
Imprisoned too far away from reach but never late for redemption
You can do this, trust me, yes you can!
Cos if not you, no one else, free that mind!

Why make captive of your own self, a slavery of yesterday
When you can wear a smile in the face of adversities
For today may be dull but brighter the day after, live for tomorrow
The aftermath you will see very exhilarating, free your mind!

One thing I know for sure is that,
You were never born with it, yet you have to live with it.
Growing to meet it was no option either, nor was is it exceptional
Cos many suffered same syndrome but never died by it, so can you
Free your mind!!

“Life without challenges is not worth living” an author once opined
So don’t be so boiled up just because you can’t find your way out
For to every entry is and exit and every exit an entry
Only that you are looking too hard; relax, take a moment of rest
Free that mind and you did discover miracles.

Some things are true whether we choose to believe or not
Look at this mighty, bounty ocean afar
When it has problems what does it do?
I t doesn’t contain them, instead frees it all at shore
Learn from that, for “experience is the best tutor”
Free your mind!

Why as if hell is letting loose anytime I say…? You know what it is!
Never mind, free that mind because you need to
What matters at end is a message is carried out, free that mind now!
For as long as there is life, it’s a necessary evil worth daring
The earlier the better, later the worse it could be, free your mind!

It will make a lot of good to break that silence now,
Than face its hush consequences later, truth need be told!
For a mind that’s distorted is one fed up with insincerity to its own self,
Such mind will never be at peace unless it is freed, so free that mind!
And when all is said and done, don’t go back blaming
Cos trying to visit closed doors, can cost opened doors ahead, free your mind!

Whew!  Alas it has paid off, very recuperating it is
The perfect medicine never sold or sought for in any infirmary
O yes it is, free your mind!
For it sets you free of all those nightmares killing you softly
Just like a bird set free from a cage of death,
Such a bird! A moment out is like forever in paradise, free that mind!

Now against all odds, yet you stand tall
Cos you live for the truth and that shall set you free
For the truth needs no “spectacles”, it’s unique
Though it may take longer to unveil itself but never forever,
Free your mind!

Kindly stay in touch for the real stuff; “5” steps to mind liberation.
Will be posted on Friday. Thanks!!



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  9. You are most welcome Lisa,Doris and mysterious Fishhawk lol..You fellows are very generous.God bless and be in touch as i will do you.How to free the mind follows soon so don't be left out on the first hand info..Lovely day.Eben.

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  22. I am very, very glad you found me! Thank you for your kind comment about my daughter Stephanie. Her neck is healing nicely from surgery. Yes, we do need to free ourselves from so many things in life that pull us down.

    I am now your follower and look forward to your uplifting words of power in prose and poetry.
    Ann Carbine Best’s Long Journey Home

  23. It's nice to make a friend in Ghana. That's freeing in and of itself.
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  44. Thanks so much for sharing, I will free my mind and I agree, a life without challeneges is not worth living:)

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  69. Great post and well said. We often get bogged down in our own troubles and forget to release our cares to God.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

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